December 2019

November 2019

Transition ruling EU-regulation social security in case of no- deal Brexit

2019-12-30T08:26:05+00:0013 November 2019|social security|

After a no-deal Brexit the allocation rules of EU regulation 883/04 remain applicable for 12 more months in the relation between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The authorities of both countries have agreed on this at official level. The Dutch government has since published an official decision for this. [...]

October 2019

Expiration transition rule EU-regulation social security

2019-10-15T13:45:46+00:0015 October 2019|social security|

On May 1, 2010 EU Regulation 883/04 entered into force. This Regulation coordinates in each country whether and where someone working within Europe is socially insured. There is, however, a transition ruling under which the allocation rules of the old EU Regulation (1408/71) remain in force, as long as the [...]

April 2019

Brexit: Further extension granted by EU #4

2019-04-23T09:53:22+00:0023 April 2019|BREXIT, immigration, social security, tax + global mobility, vat|

Brexit: Further extension granted by EU Last week the EU-27 agreed to an additional (flexible) extension of the Brexit until October of this year. The hope is that this extension will allow the United Kingdom to come to an agreement on the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement. The consequences of [...]

March 2019

Brexit: British driver’s license & 30%ruling implications #3

2020-01-15T10:20:09+00:0027 March 2019|BREXIT, immigration, social security, tax + global mobility, vat|

Brexit: British driver’s license & 30% ruling implications One week ago, the EU27 approved a short extension of Brexit, providing the UK with some much needed additional time to come with a clear Brexit strategy. At this point, however, is still unclear how and when the UK will leave the [...]

EU27 approves Brexit extension #2

2019-03-22T14:43:04+00:0022 March 2019|BREXIT, immigration, social security, tax + global mobility, vat|

EU27 approves Brexit extension Last night, the EU27 has unanimously agreed with an extension of Brexit until May 22, 2019 provided that the UK agrees to the Withdrawal Agreement which is scheduled for another vote in Parliament next week. If Parliament does not approve the Withdrawal Agreement, extension is granted [...]

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