June 2021

VAT entrepreneurship for committee members / members of supervisory boards

2021-06-08T07:42:42+00:007 June 2021|vat|

In 2020, the Dutch Supreme Court ruled that a member of an objection advisory committee does not act as a VAT entrepreneur. According to the Court the work carried out is not done in his/her own name, not for his/her own account and not under his/her own responsibility. This means [...]

May 2021

November 2020

‘Exporter of record’: intended starting date

2020-11-20T12:04:41+00:0020 November 2020|vat|

Entrepreneurs who export goods from the Netherlands to a country outside the EU should submit an export declaration (or have it submitted) to Customs. This declaration indicates who the 'exporter of record' is. European customs regulations stipulate that such an 'exporter of record' should be established in the EU. The [...]

Brexit and webshops

2020-11-20T13:47:51+00:0020 November 2020|vat|

Dutch webshops selling goods from the Netherlands to British private individuals will become VAT taxable in the United Kingdom on certain shipments as of 1 January 2021. In order to ensure that the packages are delivered, the webshop should have a UK VAT number and EORI number as of 1 [...]

September 2020

Adjustment of Intrastat declarations as of 1 January 2021

2020-09-14T14:00:11+00:0014 September 2020|vat|

Companies who sell goods from the Netherlands to companies with a delivery address in the EU (the so-called intra-Community supplies) and/or purchase goods in the EU with a delivery in the Netherlands (the so-called intra-Community acquisitions), are required to declare above a certain threshold amount at the Central Bureau for [...]

July 2020

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