Extension of your stay in the Netherlands

LIMES comments on COVID-19 immigration measures

Last updated: 31 March 2021

Your Dutch residence permit will expire
Might your Dutch residence permit expire and your employment will be extended: You must apply for extension of your Dutch residence permit before the expiration date. Possible as from three months prior to the expiration date.

If your employment will not be continued, but your Dutch residence permit expires you are supposed to leave the Netherlands on or prior to the expiration date of your Dutch residence permit.

Might you need help to leave the Netherlands? Please contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of your home country.

Your short-stay visa will expire soon or has expired
Might your short-stay visa expire soon or has expired you can apply for an extension of your short-stay visa at the IND. When you apply for an extension, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You cannot return to your country of origin; and
  • Your visa has expired or expires within 1 month; and
  • The airline has cancelled your flight and you cannot book another flight; and
  • You still meet the conditions for a short-stay visa.

If the IND approves your extension, you should receive a letter (instead of a visa sticker in your passport). Please note, the visa extension is only valid within the Netherlands and the total stay with a short-stay visa may never exceed 180 days. It is not possible to extend the short-stay visa longer with more than 90 days and therefore your stay cannot last longer than 180 days. The government expects you to try to return when possible.

Might you, your family members or your friends have already extended your/their short-stay visa up to 180 days and if the extended short-stay visa will expire soon, you may contact us. We will then be able to investigate possible options based on your personal situation.

You have extended your short-stay visa in the Netherlands. You can travel to your country of origin via another Schengen country.
If you have extended your short-stay visa, it is only valid in the Netherlands. However, you should be allowed to travel to an airport in another Schengen country to take a flight to your country of origin. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to stay in another Schengen country with your extended visa and therefore additional proof may be required when crossing borders.

Your permit-exempt term will expire soon or has expired and you cannot leave the Netherlands
You cannot apply for an extension of a permit-exempt term and you do not have to report this to the IND. The Dutch government understands that it may be more difficult to return during this period. The government will therefore be less strict in controlling people who stay longer than is allowed. But the government does expect you to try to return when your right of residence expires.

Might you need help to leave the Netherlands? Please contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of your home country.

Publication date: 8 April 2020



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