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We assist and advise you with all conceivable HR tasks.


HR departments of internationally operating organisations face a multitude of challenges. At the same time, the international character of their profession results in a high workload, especially in the area of administration. LIMES international’s experienced professionals can assist you with all conceivable HR tasks. These may be very diverse, from project management and recruitment and selection to payrolling and personnel administration as well as organising courses and training for international HR professionals or expats’ partners.


We focus on resolving international HR issues. We are continuously in touch with our HR professionals and with you, the client. As a result, we know whether the knowledge, working methods and competencies are sufficient to continue to function optimally.

For solving short-term to long-term HR issues, we provide the right professionals from our own HR consultancy pool. These can be employed for a project or at an hourly rate. The rate setting is either a project rate or based on the candidate’s salary (secondment). So you know exactly where you stand.


You might happen to temporarily need an HR professional to carry out a project, for example, such as drafting a global mobility plan. Thanks to our broad (international) network of HR professionals, we can quickly solve your temporary shortage with highly qualified specialists such as:

  • (international) HR business partners
  • senior international HR business partners
  • HR directors
  • global mobility officers and managers
  • compensation & benefit professionals
  • C-level executives such as managing directors, operational officers, general managers
  • finance professionals, such as CFOs, controllers and payroll specialists


To permanently fill an HR vacancy, we actively look for the right candidate. Using a unique search tool, our own search professionals and our own international recruitment experience, we can efficiently save on time and costs when filling your HR vacancies at middle and senior management level.

If desired, we can guarantee guidance in your recruitment and selection process. Behaviour and competences of candidates selected by us or by third parties can be evaluated with an IGT test based on the DISC method.

LIMES academy

We also focus on HR professionals’ personal development. To this end, we operate a highly active knowledge centre: LIMES academy. During seminars, workshops and in-house presentations, HR professionals, as well as employment lawyers and accountants, are offered up-to-date knowledge, interesting case studies and solutions to challenging issues. LIMES international positions itself as a ‘one-stop-shop’, so LIMES academy activities are not limited to HR. We are also happy to assist you in areas such as (international) payroll, legal and immigration + relocation.