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For a trouble-free flying start in the new country of employment.


Expats starting work in the Netherlands or other EU member states are faced with a multitude of laws, forms, permits, taxes and regulations. The same applies to Dutch employees who wish to work outside the Netherlands. For many employers’ HR departments, migration and relocation are a huge burden. LIMES international is happy to relieve you of these concerns and give the expats a flying and trouble-free start in their new country of employment.

An important advantage of working with LIMES is our broad knowledge and significant capacity. We ensure as much as possible is prepared before an expat reaches The Netherlands. As soon as the expat arrives, one of our specialists visits various agencies to make sure everything is in order. This personal approach is greatly appreciated by our clients and makes it easier for expats to find their way. Thanks to our one-stop-shop approach, we can be of far greater service to expats and their employers – from start-ups to multinationals.

For example, think of advice and support in the areas of:

  • guidance with immigration, emigration and remigration
  • applications for required visas and work and residence permits
  • handling local and tax registrations
  • social security issues
  • application for A1 permit and other work and residence permits
  • payrolling
  • application and implementation of the 30% ruling
  • application and renewal Dutch residence permits
  • assistance with opening bank accounts for expats
  • taking care of both temporary and permanent housing
  • global mobility management
  • assisting in finding the right education and schooling for the family

A warm welcome to a new country is essential to the success of an international assignment. LIMES international is more than happy to play a part this!