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Structuring where necessary, always with a keen eye on compliance.


Anyone considering the world their playing field and operating in international markets will inevitably face challenging issues in the areas of VAT, import duties and international legislation and regulations. These areas offer opportunities for those familiar with the right channels and contacts. Whether you are active in production, distribution, logistics, wholesale, construction, e-commerce, media or even care, we optimise your international activities and transactions with the right knowledge and experience.

Our VAT + customs advisors take a personal and unconventional approach. They like to sit beside you and share your entrepreneurial view whilst optimising your international business. This can be done directly, through a local entity or with a third party. We limit the administrative burden, structure where possible, and work closely with international specialists where necessary.

Services we offer in this area:

  • advice and optimisation of your (international) VAT position
  • VAT and import rights analyses
  • drawing up, submitting and processing your VAT returns
  • objections and appeals regarding VAT returns and assessments
  • setting up European distribution centres
  • VAT registration and validation of VAT numbers

Always with a keen eye for compliance, of course.

Thanks to our one-stop-shop approach, we can offer you a broader range of services, for example in corporate taxtransfer pricing and employee posting – subjects often inextricably linked to VAT related issues.