Normally, the (target) decision period of the IND on highly skilled migrant residence permit applications and applications of their family members, is two weeks, provided that the application is submitted by a recognised sponsor. Due to backlogs at the IND, the IND is currently not meeting these (target) decision periods.

The current target decision time for a (fully submitted) application for a highly skilled migrant and accompanying family members, has been extended to three weeks. For applications for family members who will arrive in the Netherlands at a later stage, the (target) decision period can be up to six weeks.

This extended decision period may affect the starting date of employment.

Furthermore, normally, the IND aims to take a decision on the application for the recognised sponsorship in four-six weeks. However, due to the many applications and backlogs at the IND, they are currently using the statutory period for making a decision of three months.

Should you wish to employ your employee as soon as possible, but there is no recognised sponsorship status available yet, the services of MILES international payrolling B.V. (already recognised sponsor by the IND), may be a suitable solution to welcome the employee to the Netherlands soonest.