For people and companies operating across national borders, specialised integral fiscal-legal support is crucial. For over thirty years, LIMES international has been offering integrated services in the field of corporate tax, employee tax, social security, VAT & customs, legal and immigration. We offer our services from a single location ‘one-stop-shop’. Our aim is to unburden and facilitate you, so that you can excel in international business.

LIMES international asks critical questions, explores new possibilities and finds the questions behind your questions. We advise you on cross-border activities and help implement our advice. If you consider the world your playing field, our dedicated advisers are ready to support your international issues.



“We have been using LIMES international for tax advise and tax submissions for our expatriates to great satisfaction – the combination of a strong personal touch, proactivity and a high level of competence brings a unique value proposition to the table – on top the LIMES people are friendly and easy to deal with.”

Peder Winther , KUEHNE + NAGEL

“In the collaboration with LIMES I appreciate the professionalism, the short lines and the personal contact. That professionalism certainly also finds its place in LIMES academy and in the regional as well as national visibility in terms of changes in legislation and regulations.”

Marlon van Leeuwen, LEIDEN UNIVERSITY

“Sending employees abroad is complicated. This requires expertise and focus. As a specialist we help clients with safety and security, LIMES international is the specialist with focus on tax and legislation. This is where our paths cross and where we complement each other when it comes to international work. LIMES is a great and pleasant partner to work with, also when it comes to LIMES academy.”


“For me, LIMES means professional, well-thought-out answers to simple questions and specific hands in the elaboration of these thoughtful answers without unnecessary work. With LIMES it is right!”

Edwin Flooren, STUCOMM

“LIMES means expertise with a personal touch for me! Tailor-made advice, but also in the knowledge that there has been thought through and thought further then the specific questions.”

Henrik-Jan Rinner, ADO Den Haag



Reclaim VAT in the United Kingdom

22 October 2021|

Companies to whom English VAT is charged are entitled to a refund of this VAT (insofar as the entrepreneur performs VAT-taxed services). Due to Brexit, the regulation in the United Kingdom now states that a refund can be submitted within six months after the end of a certain year and no longer within nine months. The six-month period also no longer starts after the end of a calendar year, but of another period (the so-called 'prescribed year'): 1 July to 30 June. Entrepreneurs who have paid English VAT in the period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 must now have reclaimed this VAT by 31 December 2021.

Deadline for filing the 2020 EU VAT claim is 1 October 2021

8 September 2021|

Dutch companies that have received invoices dated in 2020 with EU VAT on them can reclaim this non-Dutch EU VAT through the Dutch VAT portal if the following conditions are met: your business is established in the Netherlands there is no obligation to submit a VAT return in the EU Member State where the refund is requested the purchased goods and services have been used for VAT taxable activities the invoices meet the EU invoicing requirements LIMES international can act as your business intermediary and submit the refund request on behalf of your company. Please contact Frank Resseler (frankr@limes-int.com) for further information.



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