Global mobility tax

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If you operate internationally in a personal capacity, or you invest abroad, you will encounter a mountain of international tax rules. Perhaps you are an expat who works for a multinational, or you own a glorious chalet in Spain or France, or you are considering a unique opportunity to invest in a foreign investment partnership.

If so, don’t forget to sort out all the tax aspects properly. Some things to think about include correctly applying the 30% tax ruling, salary splits and international social security, but also all the tax returns in the Netherlands and abroad.


The 30% ruling is a tax-free allowance available to certain employees who move to the Netherlands. It is intended to cover all their ‘extraterritorial expenses’, such as additional expenses incurred when living outside their home country. This 30% ruling can mean that the employee receives a much higher net salary and that you pay lower employer’s costs. A win-win situation!

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Home ownership in an international perspective.


Giving advice on your international social security position;

Giving advice on and implementing salary splits;

Tax planning for company directors and supervisory directors;

International asset allocation and asset management.


Lodging objections to and appealing against tax assessments and performing procedures relating to tax matters;

Arrival and departure agreements.

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