Team LIMES Method:
Our 360° approach

Making dreams come true. Broadening your horizons. The excitement of working across borders. It’s an inspiring vision, but who will stand by your side as you take on these challenges? Finding the right match is more important than ever in today’s world. Who will you take your chance with? Who can you really trust? This is especially true when looking for the right partner to advise you on cross-border activities, as we are living in a world which is continuously subject to change. And that also implies increasing complexity in legislation and regulations at home and abroad. This is why LIMES offers truly integrated services through its Team LIMES Method.

Specialist teams with the right DNA

What do these integrated services look like in practice? We would first like to introduce you to our five main disciplines: Global mobility tax, Business taxes, Legal, Immigration and Social Security. Issues are always examined from these five interrelated perspectives. We start with the analysis: mapping the current situation, including all opportunities and threats. Asking critical questions is all part of this. This is our search for the question behind the question. We do so with passion, but also remain down-to-earth and pragmatic so we can reduce complex matters to clear-cut questions. And crucially: which strategy are we going to use? Because this is something we meticulously determine for each project: it’s precise and made to measure. With your agreement, we then assemble a LIMES team of specialists from the disciplines you need. You can therefore be sure that they have the right DNA. The Team LIMES Method enables us to create the best possible match to generate the most complete solutions and advice for you.

Booster for your ambitions

This method clarifies matters and produces a complete, 360° view. It gives you the confidence to do what you are good at in complete freedom: working and doing business across borders successfully. This is what sets us apart and makes the difference for you and your employees, clients and business associates.

We provide integrated project advice for cross-border activities, with everything under one roof. Our advice is always compliant: in line with relevant legislation and regulations, in other words. An important point to consider in this fast-changing world. As a committed partner, we therefore not only give advice on cross-border activities, but we also implement this advice with and for you. As such, we are the booster for your international ambitions.

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