We continuously invest in our knowledge and share.


For LIMES professionals, specialised knowledge is a lifeline. We continuously invest in these areas, which is one of the mainstays of our organisation and service offering. To allow clients and other professionals to benefit from this knowledge and become acquainted with our organisation in an accessible way, we have founded LIMES academy. During seminars, workshops and in-house presentations we provide HR managers, labour law attorneys and accountants with up-to-date knowledge, interesting case studies and solutions to challenging issues.

Dynamic interaction with clients and relations at LIMES academy meetings always results in new insights and challenges. In addition, it ensures continuous alignment of knowledge with daily practice and vice versa. What’s more, the extensive networking possibilities should not be underestimated. Groups are compact – usually up to 15 participants – offering ample opportunity to consult with peers during LIMES academy sessions. LIMES academy not only organises sessions in Valkenburg, The Netherlands, but is also active in Eindhoven and Zwolle. This makes these sessions interesting networking opportunities for professionals from all over the country.


Our program is this year presented in an interactive eMagazine. Want to share LIMES academy with your colleague? Press the button below and share our magazine.


LIMES academy is an initiative of LIMES international. The seminars and workshops take place in the Netherlands and the presentations are held in Dutch.

If you are interested in a seminar, workshop or in-house presentation, presented in English, you can contact us for more information. Everything is possible.