Here at LIMES, we like to take complex issues and make them simple. It was with this in mind that we developed the LEAN LIMES Tooling: smart, digital solutions that support our 360° approach. LEAN LIMES Tooling is based on the idea that processes can continually be optimised and streamlined, thereby increasing efficiency and customer value and creating time for the actual work.

With innovations like this, LIMES keeps realising your cross-border ambitions.

30% ruling application

Unique tool developed by LIMES that lets you apply for the 30% ruling. With this new system, the application for the 30% ruling is arranged via a portal, meaning that the administrative processing of the application is largely automated. This leaves more time for assessment of the application by one of the LIMES team specialists and creates better insight for the client.
This tool’s USPs:
● Increased user-friendliness and efficiency for HR and the employee
● Faster procedure
● Greater cost-effectiveness
● The live status of the process can be viewed by parties at any time.

Click here to find out more about the 30% ruling.

Social security map

This unique interactive map developed by LIMES gives an indication of compulsory social security premiums. Right now, it covers all European countries, the US, China and Japan, but this will soon be extended to 100+ countries. The map gives information on three salary levels: blue collar €30,000, white collar €75,000 and executive €200,000.

Click here to take a look at the map.

Company individualised video introduction

LIMES provides individualised video introductions for your expats, to help them prepare for a tax consultation meeting, for instance. The video introduces the Dutch tax and social security system, as well as the specific remuneration systems applied by the employer, such as the 30% ruling and tax equalisation. It also covers the main compliance dos and don’ts. The video can be used to give information before a meeting about the individual and personal situation of the employee and their family. It is an efficient and pragmatic solution focused on maximum results.

Personalised portals

Our personalised portal makes collaboration really easy. The cloud-based software enables secure interaction and file-sharing between the client and LIMES and these portals have a client-specific set-up, supporting things like personal info for income tax returns, immigration documentation, payroll, etc.