Social security

Doing business internationally is not just interesting for companies. There are also wonderful opportunities for employees through temporary or permanent secondment abroad. Most people think this entails permits, visas, entities, taxes, etc. A lot is needed to be able to operate and be compliant across borders. But there is something else that is very important, but often gets little attention: social security and pensions for seconded employees. Social security often cannot be straightened out in retrospect, so consultancy and planning in advance is essential.

Unique: interactive social security map

LIMES’ consultants know how important international social security is for both employers and employees. Our consultants are often consulted due to their unique expertise in this area, especially when it comes to complex issues. To find out more right away, take a look at the special web page with the interactive social security map. 

There are three things which are crucial for employers. You want:

1) to be compliant;
2) your employees to be insured as well as possible;
3) to pay as little as possible for this.

Seconded employees obviously want to enjoy at least the same level of social security as in their home country. They also want to be sure that arrangements for their pension continue to be properly organised. At LIMES we always bear this in mind, which is why we provide services to employers and employees in matters relating to sector classification, certificates, contributions, taxes, permits, regulations and insurance.

Advice and implementing compliance go hand in hand as far as we are concerned, so you always play it safe.

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