As of April 1, 2024, the administration obligation of recognised sponsors will be expanded in relation to employees who use the reduced salary criterion.

From the aforementioned date, the recognised sponsor is obliged to keep the following documents on file for an employee who is employed based on the reduced salary requirement*:

  • Copy of diploma or certificate regarding completion of the study program (at a Dutch university or from a study and/or program at a University abroad which appears in at least 2 appointed top 200 lists in the year of graduation);
    • In case the diploma is obtained abroad, an international diploma evaluation from the IDW is required.
  • Document demonstrating that the employee has the level of knowledge of the English or Dutch language required by law.

In order to determine whether your employee meets all the conditions or to verify which documents/university degrees are accepted, please feel free to  reach out for further assistance (

* Note that the above expansion only applies to employees working based on the reduced salary requirement. All other obligations for recognised sponsors continue to exist.