The European Commission recently announced that the Temporary Protection Directive for Ukrainian refugees will be extended for 1 year until 4 March 2024.

Sticker or O-document mandatory for employed Ukrainian refugees
As per 1 November, Ukrainian refugees are only allowed to perform employment activities if they are in possession of a sticker or O-document issued by the IND. Before this rule did not apply, showing a valid passport was sufficient. With this sticker or O-document, they can prove that they fall under the Temporary Protection Directive.

Ukrainian refugees are not permitted to carry out self-employed activities based on the sticker or O-document.

Temporary protection for third country nationals
As per 4 March 2023, the temporary protection for nationals with a temporary Ukrainian residence permit (third country nationals who for example studied or worked in Ukraine), who registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database before 19 July 2022 will be terminated. These individuals will be informed about the upcoming termination of the temporary protection and their options: return to their home country, apply for a regular Dutch residence permit or asylum status.