Keeping up to date with legislation and regulations in various countries and being compliant at the same time is almost a full-time job for companies with employees who operate internationally. LIMES is happy to assist you to play things safe and avoid risks in this respect.

LIMES’ many years of expertise sets us apart from others. Where others stop, we keep going. We offer full service in expertise and implementation when it comes to payroll processing for employees abroad and for foreign employees working in the Netherlands.

This also includes processing foreign social security contributions, pension contributions and obviously the 30% ruling. We offer a 360-degree view. Our payroll consultants can unburden you in every respect, or provide support if you want to implement the payroll yourself.

Our services


Preparing regular summary statements on payroll accounts and cost analyses.


Advising on and implementing hypotax and tax equalisation calculations and agreements;

Integrated international payroll solutions.


Drawing up and processing the more complex payroll accounts for expats;

Implementing and processing standard and senior executive (confidential) salary slips;

Setting up your Dutch payroll accounts;

Paying foreign social security contributions and pension contributions;

International payroll accounts;

Drawing up specific payroll calculations;

Managing your online digital archive containing documentation of your staff records and payroll accounts;

Managing an employee self-service system;

Managing financial reports which can be imported automatically into your own financial system.

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